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An introduction to poroide fungi

8. Mycogeography

The distribution of species treated in this book has been based on reports in floras, books and many scientific papers. Further, numerous friends and colleagues have helped with information and have read parts of the manuscript. However, with so many species scattered over such a large area, inevitably omissions and errors have crept in. We are of course responsible for such errors and would be grateful to be made aware of new information. 


Below we have listed by country, some books and persons consulted in connection with the distribution for each species. However, it is clear that new data inevitably will be added as more collecting is done, especially in many of the countries in eastern Europe. Thus the data given in connection with the distribution of each species have to be treated with care.  


General books

Bernicchia, A.-R. 2001: Funghi Europei, nr. 10
besides many papers and pers. comm.
Knudtsen, H. & Vesterholt J (eds) 2012: Funga Nordica.  Nordswamp, Copenhagen
Hofton, T. H. 2011. Checklist of polyporoid fungi in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark with scientific and vernacular names. Agarica 30:3-45, with numerous references to local publications.

Rieck, E.W. 1989: Die Pilzflora des Attergaues, Haurruck und Kobernausserwaldes. Abh. Zool. Bot. Gesellsch. Øster. 23:1-439.
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Czech Republic 
Kotlaba,F. 1984: Polyporales s.l. v Ceskoslovensku.
Petersen, J.H. & Vesterholt, J. (eds.) 1990: Danske Storsvampe. Basidiesvampe. 
See also Hofton, cited above in the general part.

Legon. N.  W. & Henrici, A.  2005: Checklist of the British and Irish Basidiomycota.  Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, or which is more or less continously updated with new records. 
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See also Hofton, cited above in the general part.
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Jahn, H. Many papers in Westfälische Pilzbriefe, see list of references. 
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Latvia and Lithuania
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See Hofton, cited above in the general part.
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See Hofton, cited above in the general part.
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Bondartsev, A.S. (1953) 1971: The Polyporaceae of the European USSR and Caucasia. Israel Program Sci. Transl. Jerusalem.

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