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Synopsis 43: Corticoid fungi of Europe Vol. 1

Format: 220 pages A4 format, hard cover, published 10. June 2021.

Price: NOK 700 included worldwide postage


Introduction, key to genera and descriptions of genera and species from A to G. The format is A4 and with hard cover (same style as for “Poroid fungi of Europe” for those who know that book). 


Almost all species are illustrated with black and white drawings of microscopical characters besides a number of colour pictures of species with more conspicuous and coloured basidiocarps.


The mycological scope is wide, including all European wood inhabiting Homobasidiomycetes exclusive of Polyporaceae and Agaricaceae (in a wide sense) and totally some 850 species will be described and illustrated in the end.


Two more volumes in same style as vol. 1 are planned to be published in 2023. There is no obligation to buy these, but since most buyers will, we take the liberty to send these volumes in due time to customers who bought vol 1.
Vol 2 will include descriptions for genera and species from H-P, while vol 3 will include the final descriptions of genera from R-W besides a list of references and an index.

If you don't want to these additional volums, please send us email til informing us of this.

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