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Synopsis 40: Various studies

Format: 117 pages A5 format, soft cover, published 15. June 2020.


Cortinarius in Zimbabwe, C. Sharp..5
The genus Stereum – a synopsis, L. Ryvarden..46
Aphyllophorales of Africa 35 – New species of Antrodiella and 
Ceriporiopsis from Cameroon, R. Oba, F. Tsigain, P.  Ngouné Djouké, 
G. Choupo, M, Fomena, D. C. Mossebo and L. Ryvarden...96
Aphyllophorales of African 36 - More new African polypores, L. Ryvarden..101
Aphyllophorales of Africa 37 –  A note on the genus Plicatura, T. Henkel &

L. Ryvarden..106
Aphyllophorales of Africa 38 – Some new poroid species from Southern Africa 

C. Sharp & L. Ryvarden..109
Some new combinations of corticioid fungi (Basidiomycota. Agaricomycetes), 
KH. Larsson, E. Larsson, L. Ryvarden & Spirin..112

This book is distributed for free under a CC-BY-NC 4.0-license. This means you may share, copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, but not for commercial purposes.


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