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Synopsis Fungorum 37: Poroid fungi of Europe

431 pages A4 format, hard cover, published 10. October 2017.

Price: NOK 800 included worldwide postage

This is a manual with keys and descriptions to 400 poroid fungi known from Europe out of which 255 are illustrated with colour pictures and 117 black and white drawings. Macro- and microscopical characters are described and illustrated and decay and pathological significance are discussed.


Tables with spore drawings are given for some larger genera as Antrodia, Antrodiella, Ceriporia, Junghuhnia, Oligoporus and Skeletocutis. Genera like Amylosporus and Favolaschia are for the first time illustrated based on European specimens.


The taxonomic concepts are conservative and pragmatic as the book is thought primarily to be a tool for species identification and not a study of the phylogeny of the poroid fungi.

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