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Synopsis Fungorum 17

A critical checklist of corticoid and poroid fungi of Norway


Leif Ryvarden, Jogeir Stokland & Karl-Henrik Larsson



146 pages, published 20 February 2003.


Synopsis Fungorum 17

A checklist is provided with 204 poroid and 439 corticoid registered from Norway with number of collections and distribution, and in some cases also their hosts.

The following species are reported as new to Norway: Anomoporia kamtschatica,  Antrodia gossypina, Antrodiella faginea, A. genistae, Ceriporiopsis jelici, C. subvermispora, Oligoporus rancidus, Oxyporus obduscens, O. philadelphi, Skeletocutis alutacea, S. brevispora, S. chrysella, S. papyracea, Amaurodon cyaneus, Athelia fuciforme, Auriculariopsis albomellea, Corticium boreoroseum, Hyphoderma incrustatum, H. nermorale, Hyphodontia gossypina, H. spathulata, Hypochnicium subrigescens, Mucronella flava, Phaerochaete magnoliae, Phlebia diffissa, Piloderma olivaceum, Ramaricium alboochraceum, Repetobasidiellum fusisporum, Repetobasidium vestitum, Sistotrema albopallescens, S. binucelosporum, Steccherinum orephilum, Thujacorticium mirabile, Trechispora caucasica, Tubulicrinis thermometrus and Vuilleminia  coryli.

Polyporus admirabilis and Osteina obducta are deleted from the Norwegian mycota.

Updated keys and descriptions for the European species of Antrodiella and Skeletocutis are provided.

Oligoporus hydnoidea Gaarder & Ryvarden and Tyromyces vivii Homble & Ryvarden are described as new species.

The combination Trechispora tenuicula (Litschauer) K.-H. Larsson is proposed.

This book is distributed for free under a CC-BY-NC 4.0-license. This means you may share, copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, but not for commercial purposes.


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