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Synopsis Fungorum 15

Some neotropical wood-inhabiting fungi




80 pages, published 24 January 2007.


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Studies in tropical corticioid fungi, (Basidiomycotina, Aphyllophorales) Alutaceodontia, Botryodontia, Hyphodontia s.s. and Kneiffiella K. Hjortstam & L. Ryvarden 7

Australicium (Basidiomycotina, Aphyllophorales) a new genus for Corticium singulare G. Cunn. K. Hjortstam & L. Ryvarden 18

Leptocorticium, a new genus among the corticoid fungi (Basidiomycotina, Aphyllophorales) K. Hjortstam & L. Ryvarden 22

Studies in corticoid fungi from Venezuela I. (Basidiomycotina, Aphyllophorales) K. Hjortstam, L. Ryvarden & T. Itrurriaga 26

A note on the genus Hydnodon Banker L. Ryvarden 31

Studies in neotropical polypores 14

New species from the state of Paraná, Brazil L. Ryvarden & A. Meijer 34

Studies in neotropical polypores 17

New neotropical  Inonotus species  L. Ryvarden 70



Nomenclaturial novelties proposed in this volume:


New genera:

Alutaceodontia (Parmasto) Hjortstam & Ryvarden,

Australicium  Hjortstam & Ryvarden 

Leptocorticium Hjortstam & Ryvarden

Ceratoporia perplexa gen. and sp. nova Ryvarden & de Meijer


New species:

Botryodontia semispathulata Hjortstam & Ryvarden

Antrodiella brasiliensis Ryvarden & de Meijer,

Antrodiella luteocontexta Ryvarden & de Meijer, 

Coltricia barbata Ryvarden & de Meijer, 

Grammothelopsis bambusicola Ryvarden & de Meijer 

Inonotus adnatus, Ryvarden, 

Inonotus costaricensis Ryvarden,

Inonotus. dentiporus Ryvarden, 

Inonotus marginatus Ryvarden, 

Inonotus neotropicus Ryvarden, 

Inonotus  pseudoglomeratus Ryvarden 

Inonotus dentatus Decock & Ryvarden


New combinations:

Alutaceodontia alutacea (Fr.) Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 

Hyphodontia sphaerospora (N. Maek. ) Hjortstam, 

Kneifiella crassa (Rick) Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 

Kneifiella crassispora (P. Roberts) Hjortstam & Ryvarden,  

Kneifiella subglobosa (Sheng H. Wu) Hjortstam and 

Kneifiella tetraspora (S.S. Rattan) Hjortstam & Ryvarden.

Australicium singulare (Cunningham) Hjortstam & Ryvarden 

Leptocorticium cyatheae (S. Ito & S. Imai) Hjortstam & Ryvarden 

Botryodontia tetraspora (S.S. Rattan) Hjortstam & Ryvarden 

Trechispora thelephora (Lév.) Ryvarden 


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